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rocetera is a process reference model for the Office of BPM. It contains a complete set of business process models, and related tools and templates, for the efficient operation of the Office. Starting with Procetera means that the benefits of a fully functional, professionally designed, Office of BPM are available faster, more reliably, and at lower cost.

Procetera is a multi-layered process reference model describing the Office of BPM operation. It contains models of the processes used in the Office. As well as the process models, Procetera contains templates of OBPM operational documents. The process models are in the BIC or ARIS modelling tools and the templates are in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Project as appropriate.
Procetera is a generic set process model and templates that is used as the basis for developing an Office of BPM. The generic material is reviewed and tailored to suit the particular circumstances. Experience has shown that very little customisation is usually required apart from some adjustment to interface the Procetera material to existing processes and systems.

Having the detailed Procetera models available enhances the ability of the new Office to explain what it does and deliver focused training and support. The Office is able to become fully functional more quickly, and those it serves will better understand how they can be supported in their process improvement and management activities.

Procetera is not available as a stand-alone product. It is used by Our partners consulting teams when building an Office of BPM for a client organization. This work can be done in different ways to suit the client requirements – the variations are all around the general sequence of options: build, own, operate, and transfer.

  • Design, implementation and operational readiness are achieved much faster
  • The resulting Office of BPM operation reflects the learned experience of other implementations
  • The detailed Procetera documentation greatly assists in the required training of Office staff and service users
  • Having a full functioning Office of BPM as early as possible acts as a powerful catalyst for the achievement of process-based management.

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