Process Modeling Excellence

Ensure the Greatest Returns on Process Modeling


rganizations routinely make big investments in process modeling to ensure greater efficiency, improved effectiveness, and better overall customer service. However, these investments only provide accurate returns if the modeling is conducted in a way that is consistent, professional, and credible across the organization.

Our Modeling Excellence Program helps businesses develop the required internal capability to yield the correct return on modeling investment. It also establishes an environment in which an organization can consistently produce high-quality, purposeful models that support business process documentation, analysis, improvement, and management.

And as a part of the Modeling Excellence program, Modprex will deliver several Process Modeling Excellence Workshops that are crucial for the success of modeling effort and to maximize the return of investment.

Syntactic Quality

compliance with relevant internal and external standards and conventions

Semantic Quality

testing for model accuracy and completion

Pragmatic Quality

measuring how easy models are to read and use in daily operations