n the last years IT departments have changed considerably, as perhaps no other business sector has done. Ups and downs are proven because of the e-business hype and the subsequent hangover. Projects that have been promoted in the past due to technological innovation, are now on increasingly stringent demand in terms of cost-effectiveness. Managing, controlling and departments will be involved early. This development has not been without consequences for the design, implementation and operation of software systems. We have to find forms of communication that allow even non-technical staff to understand project contents and evaluate them. Especially for this reason, the discussion of business processes in the context of IT projects has acquired a new meaning. Companies are faced with the challenge to unite technical requirements with the IT world and document it for all participants comprehensibly. This quickly leads to a rift between the expected technical results and the related technical implementation. A lack of methodology and a lack of transparency is often the cause. As a result the implemented solutions do not correspond to the technical requirements. Project duration and costs will be exceeded unnecessarily. That does not have to be! The process-based technical documentation of requirements for a new IT-solution can cover substantial risks in advance, during the project. GBTEC offers tried and tested methods and tools to bridge the gap between the process and IT worlds. Manage your IT-projects starting from the professional conception, drawing up tender documents, up to the efficiently and effectively implementation.

Example: BIC for IT Conception for individual software-solutions
Today, software development takes place in a dynamic environment. Complex IT systems have to be expertly planned and developed according to very specific requirements. To do this, we create a connection between business process management and software development. GBTEC provides support in the form of unique, process-based, specialized design of new IT solutions.

BIC for IT design supports you with :

  • Fewer sources of error thanks to the continuous use of process models right up to IT-development
  • Efficient, cost-effective implementation thanks to transparent requirements
  • Avoid costly change requests late in the project
  • Reduce project risks
  • Process based approach models for specialized system design
  • Integration of up-to-date notation within tools (BPMN 2.0, screen layout, etc.)
  • Preconfigured reports for specialized concept development

Increase your IT project’s efficiency and effectiveness using our tried and tested methodology and tools. Benefits of this approach include:

  • Increase efficiency by using templates and reference models
  • Quick adaptation and flexible integration of existing reference models
  • Standardized processes shorten development response times
  • Avoid costly change requests late in the project
  • Reduce of expensive change-requests during subsequent project stages

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