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Transmitting Group-Specific Information

BIC Portal


roviding pertinent information to various groups is crucial to the success of an effective modeling project. The BIC Portal ensures that success by delivering the right content to the right user. As a collaborative communication and information platform, it makes user-oriented publication possible when delivering information on processes, documentation, organizations, and IT systems to employees, suppliers, and customers. And its state-of-the-art encryption and access technology guarantees secure storage of information whether working via intranet, extranet, or the Internet. Modeling content is in capable hands with the BIC Portal.Since most human comprehension occurs on a visual level, the BIC Portal allows for individual mapping of all modeled content. Its intuitive user interface and extensive array of alternative presentation methods remove the mystery from process modeling. Each user is able to designate a preferred view, from simple representation to expert views, and its intuitive navigation, integrated full-text search, and seamless adaptation are guaranteed to make it an essential information hub for any business.The BIC Portal is not platform-dependent, is compatible with all current server architecture, and is supported by all common browsers.

BIC Portal lets users:

  • Publish all content from the BIC Platform
  • Create electronic manuals for training, certification, and audits
  • Support continual, process-based enhancements
  • Introduce sustainable compliance management
  • Introduce integrated, process-based management systems

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