BIC Platform

Your Total BPM Solution

The BIC (Business Information Center) Platform is a powerful business process modeling (BPM) service that’s leading the market in process-oriented corporate management.
Designed for process-oriented improvements, the BIC Platform allows organizations to achieve goals quickly and effectively by supporting the most critical stages of the business process: planning, design, implementation, optimization, and operation.

As a comprehensive, easy-to-use service, the BIC Platform allows users to:

  • Develop clear, target-oriented business process
  • Examine relationships between business processes and IT systems
  • Design ideal processes with unique selling points
  • Implement improvements through enhanced communication
  • Identify any potential for optimization and increased efficiency
  • Reveal cost and staff requirements using process-oriented calculations
  • Streamline internal and external audits using professional documentation
  • Continually measure the value proposition of business processes and IT systems

This unique service was developed based on consistent implementation of customer requirements. Its modular structure and capacity for large-scale integration allows for customization to suit any business’ needs.