BIC Monitor

Optimize processes in real time

BIC Monitor


dded value is created during business processes. Increase your companies success with direct, continuous comparisons of operative and planned process results. Identify optimization potential in your value added chain by taking measurements in real time.
Use BIC Monitor and its integrated methods for process performance management to measure, evaluate, and optimize the success of your processes. BIC Monitor continually measures business management and technical characteristics so that you can view your company’s success rates at any time. This direct connection with individual control and coordination concepts supports your management during targeted direction of operational processes.

Measure and monitor business processes
BIC Monitor is one of the world’s most powerful controlling tools and was developed specifically to take process and IT systems measurements. Unlike classic business intelligence or data warehouse solutions, BIC Monitor offers an active, system-wide measuring component. BIC Monitor can be used to take any and all point and line measurements. BIC Monitor provides you with transparency in real time.

BIC Monitor is particularly suited to:

  • Taking real time measurements
  • Implementing service level monitoring and reporting
  • Surveillance of status monitoring
  • Monitoring IT systems
  • Supporting compliance monitoring
  • Data provision for scorecards
  • Carrying out process cost calculations and simulations

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