BIC Governance

Modeling and Publishing That’s Continuous, Sustainable

BIC Governance


aving a well-maintained process model has sustainable advantages and BIC Governance helps stay ahead of the curve. Its automatic processes handle essential routine maintenance of a company’s model, reducing the number of tasks users need to perform manually in BIC Design and the BIC Portal.BIC Governance offers assistance during routine model administration operations. From clearance of new content and targeted distribution of information to version management, there’s nothing BIC Governance can’t do.

Automate operations with one powerful workflow engine

BIC Governance simplifies content maintenance, liberates employees from routine tasks, and saves time on overall model administration. And since its preconfigured workflows make it simple to integrate into existing work processes, companies will see a quick ROI.

BIC Governance is the ideal tool for

  • Implementing release cycle management
  • Aiding document control
  • Automating reporting and alerting
  • Implementing continual improvements processes (CIPs)
  • Supporting compliance management
  • Assisting content maintenance

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