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ocumentation is an integral part of the working world, so managing it efficiently is crucial. Each organization is responsible for document maintenance whether the documents directly impact business operations, business process management, quality management, or information technology.

Manage process-oriented documents simply, securely
BIC Document’s full integration with BIC Platform lets users strategically connect documents with content from BIC Design, BIC Portal, BIC Publish, ARIS®, and other BPM tools. Users can access the most recent versions of all documents from any workspace via intranet, extranet, or the Internet using the comprehensive full-text features.

Simplified document management
Save documents and release them directly using integrated workflow support with ReleaseCycle Management. This comprehensive aspect of BIC Document features versioning, archiving, and rights management functionality, making it a perfect addition to BIC Design and the BIC Portal. BIC Document also features a multilingual database, which allows for international use.

Reap the benefits of knowledge management
Valuable information on company processes is close at hand with BIC Documents. Use the insight to develop structured and sustainable knowledge, reduce complexity associated with information management systems, avoid time-consuming search operations, and increase overall productivity.

BIC Document is the ideal tool for:

  • Web-based document management support
  • Assisting document administration in knowledge management
  • Retrieval of compliance and quality management documents

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